Hosting a fundraiser? Looking for a public inspirational speaker?


Samantha Vale is an experienced speaker available for bookings for public speaking at external events.

Samantha incorporates her and others personal experiences to educate and inspire diverse groups of audiences. An expert motivator, she shares gripping stories of overcoming physical, mental and emotional challenges and pushing personal boundaries. Samantha demonstrates how to apply the crucial skills she and others have learned along the way, to help people deal with the daily challenges they face in understanding their cancer or adversity whichever path it may take them.

Samantha’s words are stirring and encouraging. She speaks with clarity and purpose but she also delights with her famous humorous touch. Samantha understands laughter is a gift too often missing– whether in healing or hospice, it is always therapeutic.

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Breast Cancer Awareness FIGHTERS strip down to show their beautiful bodies and scars

Samantha was invited to be one of nine models as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign in partnership with The Pink Ribbon Foundation and Sunday Express Newspaper. She spent the day with other breast cancer warriors being body painted from head to toe by the formiddable Filippo Ioco.

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Portrait of Britain Vol 2 - Hoxton Mini Press

An image of Samantha taken by Amy Cassidy was selected out of thousands to be featured in Portrait of Britain 2019. This unique image has travelled far and wide from being shared by international breast cancer charities across social media platforms to the hands of surgeons.