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This platform was created as part of my personal journey with and beyond breast cancer and maybe it will part of whatever journey you are on too.

Feel free to visit regularly when you need a hint of inspiration, a nudge of empowerment or just a gentle reminder that you’re not alone.

About Me

Let me introduce myself. I’m Samantha and I am a breast cancer survivor living life to the full without breasts and currently minimal hair. I was diagnosed with multifocal invasive ductal carcinoma at the age of 35 and underwent a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction. After an unfortunate medical oversight six months later, I started chemotherapy and radiotherapy as the cancer had spread wider than initially thought.

I am a mother to two brilliant little people and am a professional dancer and choreographer (among other things!). I now speak and write about my experiences as a part of my own healing and understanding. 

I am a part self-employed portfolio career woman, part time learning and development manager for a training organisation, full time creative free spirit and every day is different.  I am lucky to be surrounded by amazing people who humour me and facilitate my artistic whims allowing me to channel some of the creative expression.

I am traversing through life now as a ‘flattie’ and although this doesn’t define me, it is a stark reminder of my reality. I stand by my belief that I have gained far more than I have lost as a result of cancer and although this doesn’t negate my experience, it allows me to reframe my life positively.

My hope is that women globally will learn to appreciate their unique value and worth, their femininity and sexuality, their strength and softness and sheer beauty; not from how we look or our bodies but who we are within.

I hope this platform reminds you that you have a choice in life. Even if the choices are limited we can always choose how we frame situations. How we choose to live life.

And don't forget to check your pecs guys and gals!