When I was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer it was immediately confirmed that I would be having at least one breast removed. My body would irreversibly look different from the one I had at that time. I knew I wanted to photograph my 'before' and 'after' body. I didn't know it would end up being one of the most valuable choices I would make and I didn't realise how much it would help with my own understanding and healing.

I approached my friend and fellow creative, Amy Cassidy and asked if she would be interested in creating something with me. Something for me to look back at in time to come. Something for my own children to be proud of when they are old enough to understand what mummy went through. It transpires that by me sharing some of my vulnerability, it had helped others on their own journey. 

I am forever grateful to be able to capture some of the highs and lows with Amy and work in collaboration through laughter, tears and quiet times. For more information of Amy and her work please see